​Pride Month 2024 - Celebrating LGBTQ+ Dancers | Move Dance

​Pride Month 2024 - Celebrating LGBTQ+ Dancers | Move Dance

By Move Dance on 13th Jun 2024

At Move Dance we celebrate Pride all year round but this month we’re glittering even louder than usual. We caught up with some LGBTQ+ dancers to celebrate their individuality and hear their stories.


What does Pride month mean to you?

"Pride month is a time to celebrate who I am, who my girlfriend is, who my friends are, who my family are and feel supported and loved and celebrate that"



What advice would you give to young LGBTQ+ dancers who are just starting their journey in the dance world?

"Be your most authentic self, never hide away from your identity and what you want to represent within your art, within your style of dance. Be your authentic self!"



What advice would you give to young LGBTQ+ dancers who are just starting their journey in the dance world?

"Just be yourself. I think sometimes there’s limitations, you get scared of what family members might think, what friends might think, and this can sometimes hold you back. I think sometimes you just need to go for it and don’t think about what other people are thinking because you learn further on that you shouldn’t think about that - try not to let what everyone else thinks get to you and just be yourself!"



Would you say being part of the LGBTQ+ community has influenced your dance journey?

"It’s opened more opportunities for me to experience different things. For example, vogue balls - that’s such an amazing queer event and community to experience and be a part of. It’s helped me to meet more people. Coming out and coming into an industry that’s so about individuality and inclusivity has made me more confident in myself, so I put myself in situations and in classes and give myself opportunities that I maybe wouldn’t have done before because I’ve been more confident as a person- like being individual and expressing that rather than sticking to the comfort zones."



As a dance teacher, what support do you give your young LGBTQ+ dancers?

"Mostly I just let them know to be confident in themselves, tell them that it’s okay to be the way that you are and let them know that they have someone there for them if they ever need advice or if they need someone to speak to and vent to because it is a tough thing, especially when you’re young and you’re still learning about yourself and then you discover this thing that you don’t know what to do with. Sometimes they feel shame and sometimes they feel worried about it and it’s just letting them know that it’s okay, you’re just a human and that it’s a normal feeling. You’re you and we love you the way that you are!"


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The Move Dance Team xx