This is our general FAQ. Click here to find out about Returning Goods & Exchanges

When will my order arrive?
Check the status of your order here.

To see estimated delivery timelines please check the Delivery Information page.
I have placed my order but not received a confirmation email
When you place an order, you will be sent an automated confirmation email directly to the email address you supplied. Please check your "junk" email inbox, as emails from unknown senders are often treated as spam. If you cannot find the confirmation email please contact us and we will verify that your order has registered on the system.
Are my credit card details safe?
Your credit card details are very safe. All our online transactions are fully secure, encrypted, and use Secure Certificates to ensure your data is transmitted safely.
What does my order status mean?
You can check your order status here

Here is a list of each status and its meaning:

Pending: Your order has been received on our system and is waiting to be processed.
Completed: Your order has been picked and processed and has been moved to dispatch. For delivery timelines please refer to Delivery Information page.
Partially Completed: Part of your order was unfortunately out of stock. We have sent the item(s) that were available out to you and you have been refunded for the out of stock item(s). We have included a voucher in your order for free delivery if you wish to make an alternative purchase in the future.
Partially Completed (Remaining Items on Backorder): If part of your order is out of stock we will send part of the order to you first, and then send the remaining items when they arrive in stock. We will also advise an expected delivery time for the remaining items. We will not charge any additional postage.
Size Exchange Used: We have exchanged item(s) from your original order. No extra postage is charged for your first exchange, but our normal postage fee will be charged for subsequent exchanges.
Items refunded: We have refunded items that have been returned to us. Your card or PayPal account has been credited accordingly.
Other: If you receive an email with this status there should be some accompanying text to explain.
Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled.
What size should I order?
For all dance shoes and items of dancewear on our site please order your normal UK size unless otherwise stated. If the item is manufactured by a non-UK supplier, we will use our own sizing conversion to select the appropriate size as specified on your order.