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Our Move Dance Teacher Discount Scheme is better than ever before! With our biggest range of dancewear and costumes now available at amazing prices, with in-stock availability and the same quick service we have always offered.

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Introducing Weissman Costume - the world's leading brand of dance costumes is now exclusively available at Move Dance across Europe. Choose from a gigantic range of 650 dazzling costumes of the highest quality so your dancers can shine on stage.

Weissman products are available from September 2019 with the whole range shipping from October 2019. Move Dance is proud to offer 20% off Weissman Costume for teachers.

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* Outside of United Kingdom, France & Germany a minimum order of £100, €120 or $127 is required to qualify for the discounts.
** UK delivery addresses minimum spend of £30 to qualify for free delivery. We are unable to offer free delivery outside of United Kingdom, France & Germany due to increased shipping & insurance costs.