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Leotard of the month - May!


Move Dancewear’s leotard of the month for May is the elegant So Danca Cap Sleeved Lace Leotard. Treat yourself this May to an enduring leotard that’s guaranteed to see you through the transition from spring to summer in style. This wearable style is a perfect choice for all kinds of dance, from ballet to ballroom and beyond. Its simple shape may be deceiving, but there’s a whole range of enticing details on this leotard to tempt you.

So Danca Cap Sleeved Lace Leotard

The romantic lace yoke incorporates an element of floral prettiness which is perfect for spring and summer, yet still subtle enough to remain wearable in any season. With lace panels adorning the front, back and sleeves, this leotard manages to look great from every angle. The soft, stretchy lace gives this leotard an undeniable air of femininity and delicacy that will complement your ballet performances beautifully.

The wide Bardot neckline creates a wonderfully balanced silhouette which is universally flattering for dancers of all ages. The alluring cap sleeves means this leotard can be worn off the shoulder and still remain supportive and striking.


So Danca Cap Sleeved Lace Leotard


Available in three bold colour options, you have the freedom to choose a leotard to reflect your personality and fit seamlessly into your dance wardrobe. Choose black for a timeless look, or try white for a crisp, pure appearance that makes for amazing show costumes. Fiery coral exudes confidence and is sure to make you stand out on stage or in the studio.

So Danca Cap Sleeved Lace Leotard 

The So Danca Cap Sleeved Lace leotard features a front-lined bodice, meaning that whatever colour you choose, you can rest assured that your leotard will remain opaque and comfortable, no matter what you put it through. The stretchy performance fabric means this leotard is durable and will retain its shape when washed. The fabric has a lovely weight without being bulky in the slightest, ideal for creating that desirable smooth silhouette. Best of all, the stretch lace panels will stay in place on your shoulders, allowing you to move with ease and grace without the hassle of having to adjust your leotard after every routine.

So Danca Cap Sleeved Lace Leotard

The classic, simple bodice means this leotard is great for contemporary, Latin and ballroom dance too, and can easily be incorporated into show and competition attire. Pair with one of our dance skirts for a quick and easy outfit.

Invest in a leotard that is versatile enough for everyday use, but still packs a punch when it comes to building a chic and sophisticated dance outfit.

If you love all things lace, don’t forget to check out our exquisite range of lace leotards.

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